Lessons from a Houseplant

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on Pexels.com As an avid houseplant nurturer, it didn't take me long to realize the similarities between a plant and the one who provided it with its sustenance. I began acquiring houseplants for their living aspect; I wanted more live presence on my shelf than a Willow Tree figurine could give. [...]

Updates from My Corner

Kristina Bower, casual snapshot This platform has undergone a season of silence, not because I don't care about producing content, but because I care so much. I have undergone an intense period of more projects and thoughts than I can ever effectively filter, and many of my blog post drafts are controversial issues which have [...]

Daily Encounters

I went to Menards for bags of softener salt, and at the checkout, requested for an employee to load it for me. A young man followed me to my car and silently began loading the bags into my car trunk. He kept his head sunken down, with his chin nearly touching his chest. He avoided [...]

I Just Dropped By…

Amy was a young woman who enjoyed spending time with her family, watercolor painting, and garage saling. She and her husband Quinn and their 3 children had recently moved into a new community, with a smaller house and yard. There was so much for Amy to learn in her new community; they didn't do things [...]