Forgiveness, the Humbling Trail

Photo by Blue Ox Studio on The backpack bit into my shoulders as I read the trailhead sign. "Freedom Point 3.6 miles. Beware of shifting trail." I glanced around anxiously. I had arrived at this sign after several hours of wandering through a wasteland, with briars catching my ankles and sandy paths that sucked [...]

The Beautiful Mystery, part II

Photo by Trung Nguyen on The glory of marriage is learning to unite weaknesses into strengths, till one is stronger and more whole than before. Luci Shaw compares marriage to a gothic stone arch, with Christ as the capstone, uniting individual leanings into unity. In her analogy, marriage becomes a entrance, rather than a [...]

So you’ve experienced trauma; what’s next

Since a recent post where I’ve divulged a bit of a childhood accident and the ensuing confusion that resulted, I’ve been thinking of all the unsaid things that could be shared. A writer is hopeful that the readers will be able to fill in the cognitive gaps between what is written and the reader’s level [...]

Exposing the Emptiness // the Positives of this Year

Today’s post is simply a window in my end of year reflections. This year has been mentally difficult for me, as for many, but in the end, I’ve found it refreshing to have some of the façade stripped away. As we near the end of the year, retrospection over the year feels heavier for many [...]

Sunny Honey

For the love of a parakeet As a child raised on a farm, I was surrounded with animals, whether as pets or as a means of livelihood. For a long time, though, I didn’t consider myself an animal lover because I was deliberate as to which animals I allowed myself to love. I wasn’t obsessed [...]